It's Bimi®

and It's so good.

Bimi® has a sweet, mild flavour that’s sometimes described as nutty.

Bimi® is a delicate green vegetable that’s perfect enjoyed on its own, dressed simply with a little oil or butter or paired with many exciting flavours from garlic and chilli to lemon or cheese.


“A perfect fusion of Chinese kale and broccoli”

Bimi® is the perfect fusion of Chinese kale and broccoli. This unique vegetable was created in Japan using traditional plant breeding techniques to make a sweet and tender stem brassica with good texture.

How to cook Bimi®?

Bimi® is so versatile. It can be cooked in lots of ways grilled, stir fried, steamed, baked, mashed ... as you wish!

Raw Boiled Steam Griddle BBQ Roast


Raw: Have it raw with favourite dip or just on its own.


Boiled: Lightly boiled for 4 minutes and you will enjoy all its tenderness and delicate flavour


Steam: Crisp and intense with a delicious taste in just 4 minutes


Griddle: Get the pan nice and hot and in just a few minutes you get a great chargrilled flavour. 5 minutes.


BBQ: A super-tasty and healthy snack to enjoy while you’re waiting for the steak, only 6 minutes


Roast: Bimi® loves to be baked in a hot oven – drizzle with oil or add to a tray-bake, it only needs 12 minutes

Our recipes

Bimi® can be prepared in so many different ways. Why not try some of our quick and easy recipes? Or bring out the chef in you and create your own Bimi® dish.

Cook fast
eat well

With Bimi® healthy eating is easy. Its versatility makes it perfect for cuisines from around the world.

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A firm family favourite to start the day, these Bimi® sweetcorn fritters are guaranteed to get your day off to a delicious start!


Nutty Bimi® Satay Noodles

Bimi® se ha asociado con el chef Donal Skehan para ofrecerle esta deliciosa receta de tallarines de nueces que seguramente hará que sienta un hormigueo en las papilas gustativas.

Este plato de fideos satay de inspiración indonesia se puede disfrutar caliente o frío, por lo que es una gran cena rápida o un salvador de fiambrera para disfrutar en cualquier momento.

Tagliatelle with Bimi®, Thyme and Melting Tallegio Sauce

A rich and comforting pasta for a cold night.

The rich sauce in this simple pasta dish is offset by the light, fresh taste of the Bimi® broccoli, and is ready in just 10 minutes.